You can pick from one of the existing template presets for your portfolio
items or you can create a fully custom one from scratch.

Project Description

Alea WordPress Theme is all you need to create a clean design, cool looking website that your audience will love and appreciate.

It features various shortcodes to help you create stunning graphic elements that will help you deliver your message effectively.

What Our team provided

Fully customized Visual Composer
Easy to import Demos
Theme Options that provide uniqueness
More than 1200 Icons at your disposal

What our job was

BlueOwlCreative specializes in custom Web development, custom WordPress Templates and Mobile applications. We love and put passion into our design work.

Have an exciting project in mind? We sure want to hear about it. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Technologies used

Graphic Design


Web Development


Mobile Applications


Project Highlights

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Client Comments

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